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Visiting the Original Magna Carta

Another eventful day. With a long train ride and a walk up Steep Hill (named so for a reason) we all went to the small city of Lincoln to see Lincoln's physical copy of the Magna Carta, housed in its own state of the art vault in the Castle.

Before we saw the original document we were treated to a presentation by Dr Erik Grigg from Lincoln's Collection Museum, questioning the important and influence of the Magna Carta and informing us on information we otherwise wouldn't of known. For example, this was not the first of its kind and it didn't apply to all but only 'free men'. This added context helped out later in the process of forming the Magna Carta 2.0 because it made us question what the original did and what it didn't do to guide changes and improvements in society when it was created.

We walked round the full circumference of the Lincoln Castle walls.

Apart from that there was a really lovely tour of the Lincoln Castle and the walkabout of the entire castle walls which gave a beautiful birds eye view of the whole area. And my favourite part was the tour of the prison and seeing the cells up close; it was very interesting with the various interactive activities within some of the cells entertained and informed you. Overall the whole day was fully beneficial in taking our Magna Carta 2.0 to the next step.

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