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Magna Carta 2.0 Spoken Word - Janache
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Listen here in full to our Magna Carta 2.0 spoken word poem, part of our Magna Carta 2.0 film.


Written by one of the What a Liberty! team, Janache, the poem looks at the issues and topics we feel passionately about as individuals and as a group. 

Our Charter

Our Magna Carta 2.0 charter is to encourage discussion about social and political changes we believe everyone should have a right to. 

Have your say on what should be included.


Equal opportunities should be available for all, regardless of race, gender and class, in both the workplace and the educational system.

Gender neutrality should be seen as equally important to gender equality. 

Freedom &

Human rights

The Human Rights Act should be entrenched so that people feel safer and supported during sudden social or political change.

Freedom of speech shall be protected all around the world as one of the most valuable rights that people have.

There shall be freedom for all to explore and express their sexuality and identity.

Justice & politics

All aspects of government must be democratic, and the votes cast by citizens be equal and proportionally represented in parliament.

 Political education should be taught to all young people in secondary school in order to tackle disengagement and lack of political awareness.


Educational opportunity should not be limited to a few – everyone must have an equal chance to succeed. 

Soft skills must be taught to students to ensure young people have both the creative experience and employability traits required to succeed.

Access to employment and training 

opportunities should be made more equal to tackle the poverty of aspiration in non-fee paying schools.


Corporations must take more responsibility over their C02 emissions and pollution levels, and will convert to the use of green power with zero emissions targets in the near future.

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